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How it works

Welcome to, a news platform that shares 50% of its revenue with its users, is aimed at giving all its users who partake in the platform as a "Pro Member" weekly dividends from the platform's revenue.


  • An activation message would be sent to your email address after successful registration, if you don't find it in your inbox, please check your Spam or junk folder.
  • After successful registration and activation, you can now login to access your dashboard which would credit your wallet with 50 points daily login bonus.
  • After successful login, click on My Account to see your dashboard.
  • on successful payment, you would be redirected back to your account dashboard, where your referral ID and a link would then be made visible to you.



At you can refer others to the platform using your Referral ID or by using your referral link. You can always get this information on your account dashboard –

  • Every pro member you refer, you get a referral commission of 500 points.
  • Earn 5 points by Reading and commenting on Posts (we provide 20-40 Posts each day!)
  • Earn 50 points each day you log in

Kindly note that 1 point ₦1 

(You can easily convert your points to cash by clicking the "Redeem My Points")


TERMS AND CONDITIONS is pretty straightforward and structured in a way to last. We generate revenue every day from Sponsored Ads, advert placeholders on our website and user registration fees. 50% of the generated revenue is kept as dividend for everyone in the system and paid as you earn points. Although we generate such revenue, we also have some rules that help keep the system stable–

  • Before any user can cash out, they are required to become a Pro Member.
  • It is required of every user to refer at least one PRO user every 14 days OR  pay a referral subsidy of ₦1,000 every 14 days (for people that do not like the idea of mandatory referrals)